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TrayTips and XP

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Thanks for your quick reply.

The code is anything that uses TrayTip.

Here is a sample:


TrayTip works for me, but not for the person in this thread:


and not for the person in this thread:


and not for a coworker of mine...

...so, I was just asking the group if something had changed within XP - maybe one of the patches... or maybe there is a setting that has been changed within XP that turns off TrayTips...

Anyone know?


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Sorry, I don't know any answer Plato

Works great on mine Xp SP2

Release and beta


Thanks for the data point - I could not find a setting within XP Pro SP2 that would turn TrayTips on or off so I tested that same coworker's system by logging in as another user - TrayTips worked fine. Then when the coworker logged back in - they would not show again. The coworker has created a new userid (and thus a new profile) and that has solved his problem via a troublesome work around. I just found it odd that this came up in the forum for 3 people in just a matter of days. I could not find a bug report on it pointing to the OS vs AutoIt - hence my new topic.

Oh well, we will keep an eye out for more XP users that cannot see TrayTips - I fear that it is some simple setting that I've forgotten all about and will feel silly when I told what to change.



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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for the link - I cannot believe that I missed the setting within MS Tweak UI - it toggles the say DWORD that the KB article references. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the system that had the issue, but I'll point to this thread in those other threads.

Thanks again,



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