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Guisendmsg, Guirecvmsg

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I would like to use two features/messages (whatever they're called).

I have the following information:

WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK (515 - 0x00000203)

WM_CONTEXTMENU (123 - 0x0000007B)

I want to use them in a listbox;

I want to rightclick an item, so a popup shows up and can choose (example), delete or copy.


I want to doubleclick an item (exactly like in Windows Explorer) and a msgbox shows up that prompts me what i want to do with the file/item.

I hope you can help me.

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WM_* messages are window messages usually sent to your application in response to events (Such as the user moving the mouse, clicking, minimizing, et cetera). GuiSend/Recv is mostly for control specific messages you can send. They have prefixes like BM_ (Button), EM_ (Edit), et cetera (Varies from control to control). They instruct the control to change it's behavior or ask the control for the data it holds or information about it.

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