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Ive just discovered Autoit and now I use it for everything. Its marvellous! If I had a milkman Id even leave notes for him with it.

At the moment Im writing a script to configure new computers to my companys standard. This might not strictly be an Autoit question but here goes anyway:

Does anyone know how to gain access to Folder Options, the third icon in the Appearance and Themes window? (Desk.cpl is OK for the others). What I want to do is uncheck the auto search for shared folders and printers.


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Should be

REG_WRITE('HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced', 'NoNetCrawling', 'REG_DWORD', '00000001')

Maybe you need to reboot. Have a look at the Folder.au3-demo from AutoIt3Lib This does what you want via gui.

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