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Problem with the DLL version of AutoIT

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Ok, i created a script that does something that needs 2 days to be finished by a human.It's actualy a repeated action. Anyway it works fine. I created the same functions using the DLL version. But i wanted it to be variable based, for example if someday the caption of window A changes, the user edits an Access db and changes the caption to the new one.So my EXE reads this new caption from Access and checks for the new one. My problem is the following:

objAutoIT.IfWinExists("Level3","") returns 1 'SUCCESS

dim var as string


objAutoIT.IfWinExists(var,"") always returns 0 'FAIL

Am i missing something?

Thank you in advance


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OH, sorry guys. Forget my question. Because i'm reading from a database, i just needed to issue a TRIM() to the string i'm reading. It works now.

Anyway thank you.

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