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writing the value of a var into "edit1"

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hallo everybody!

i have a little problem: I think first off all, I try to explain, how my script works (or better: how it should work ;-))

first of all i create a simple checkbox and a 2 comboboxes:

$Var4_CHKBOX = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("WSUS anpassen",10,190,)  

$Var5_CHKBOX = GUICtrlCreateCombo ("", 25,210,200) 
               GUICtrlSetData(-1,"Internet Explorer 6|Internet Explorer 7|Windows 2000","") 

$Var6_CHKBOX = GUICtrlCreateCombo ("", 25,240,200)  
               GUICtrlSetData(-1,"item1|item2|item3","")oÝ÷ ØâiËb½«^¶ªºVID¬±éêºZØbµ§¶r¸©¶ËZ®Û-ánËb¢z®¢ÕQ*®¢Ö®¶­s`¢b33cµf%7FGW3BÒuT7G&Å&VBb33cµf#Eô4´$õ ¤gVæ2u5U2 ¢b33c¶×6rÒuTvWD×6r¢¢b33cµf%7FGW3RÒuT7G&Å&VBb33cµf#Uô4´$õ ¤bb33cµf%7FGW3RÓÒgV÷C´çFW&æWBWÆ÷&W"bgV÷C²FVâ6ÆÂgV÷Cµu5U5ö6öæfrgV÷C²¤bb33cµf%7FGW3RÓÒgV÷C´çFW&æWBWÆ÷&W"rgV÷C²FVâ6ÆÂgV÷Cµu5U5ö6öæfrgV÷C²¤bb33cµf%7FGW3RÓÒgV÷CµvæF÷w2#gV÷C²FVâ6ÆÂgV÷Cµu5U5õvã&²gV÷C² ¢b33cµf%7FGW3bÒuT7G&Å&VBb33cµf#eô4´$õ ¤VæDgVæoÝ÷ ØÚ0¶«yªÞÚ,²&åyû¶*'²Ú,µªínëmêk¡¹^·¦j)춬jgµªiyªìvè¶îËb¢{Á©í¶+×­ëÚç¨MúUªúr9x§¶®¢ÑÝjºh}§®Ö¢§v¶¸vÚ,¢[ÞÙbëajÖ®¶­s`¤6öçG&öÄfö7W2gV÷C´VvVç66gFVâföâ6ÆVçG6VFvR¦VǧV÷&FçVær·FfW&VâgV÷C²ÂgV÷C´6ÆVçG6VFvR¦VǧV÷&FçVær·FfW&VâgV÷C²ÂgV÷C´VFCgV÷C²¥6VæBb33cµf%7FGW3b

but it didn't work at all.

I have no idea, where the mistake is.

could you please help me?

thanks a lot!

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Remove this from your function

$msg = GUIGetMsg()


Do you realize that

$VarStatus6 = GUICtrlRead($Var6_CHKBOX)

gives you $VarStatus6 as checked or not checked


... maybe you want this

$VarStatus6 = GUICtrlRead($Var6_CHKBOX, 1)

this gives you $VarStatus6 = "WSUS anpassen"


When using send if you use a "1" it will send the info raw ( see help)

Send($VarStatus6, 1)

5 However...

if you are able to use ControlFocus, you should be able to use ControlSend()

it works more accurately than just send


BTW... Welcome to the forums

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