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Problems running app from logon script

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I am creating a GUI logon script, which in the code launces IE and displays a *.htm file from a server UNC path location.

When I run the script manually from my PC, it launches the browser and the file displays normally, and IE remains open but when I run the compiled exe from the logon process, it launches the IE browser, but then exits the browser immedialtely...

What I am needing is that the IE browser stays running and does not exit..

Here is the code, simple enough..

Global $File = ("\\<Servername>\motd$\MOTD.htm")

If FileExists("\\<Servername>\motd$\MOTD.htm") then

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" & " " & $file )


MsgBox(0, "MOTD", "No Message of the day..., continuing", 1)


I have tried using Runwait, but this won't do because as this is part of the logon process, I want the page displayed and the rest of the script to continue...

Any Ideas?



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