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Windows Portage System

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I just got a crazy idea while making some scripts and just want to ask some "smart" people whether somebody else has tried this or whether it is a smart/dumb idea before I spend the next few months working on it. While making an install script for a program... I got this crazy idea about making a "portage" system for windows... I'd make this master autoit script that would copy install files from a server (runned by the user) and automatically install them. To decentralize the install scripts, i'd use a #include programs/$program/install.au3. It would use .ini files to control the whole thing. He's a summery of what i'm thinking so far...


Holds all the install files and install scripts. Admin makes a directory or web address. If web address, use perl or php to communicate profiles.

Server contains these files:






Admin runs 1 the master install script. Master install script has server directory/web address hard coded into the script. Script downloads default.ini which contains what programs to install by default. Script makes directory install. Downloads $program dir into install and runs install.au3. Continues on until all default programs are installed. Then creates a profile on the server. This profile can be used to check what programs are installed on the computer and to quickly and easily install new programs on just 1 computer.

It would simplify installs of several programs on 100s of computers. If you set up the master script to run everyday... you can install new programs on all the computers by just making 1 script and editing 1 ini file... I would include a database of install.au3 files along with this project so people would make less redundant scripts for the same programs. Of course I wouldn't include the actual install files...most windows programs aren't freeware...

Yeah... I know this isn't really a "Portage" system... cuz portage generally means you're compiling it for the system...but this comes close... as close as windows will get... What do you folks think of the idea?

Jonathan Chan

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well i think it is a super idea, to join to make this programs list

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