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Hay I was reading up on the progress bar stuff and i noticed there was 2 ways of declaring the progress bar, or so i think. I was wondering which on i would use and how i could make my progress bar..... progress bar.... read instead of what ever defult color the user has. I couldn't figure out how to do it.


What do you mean by 2 ways?

the GUISetControl define a control on the GUI which is different than poping a new window with ProgressOn

For the color on the progress GUI control you need to use GUISetControlEx

I hope that's answer your question

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yeah, after further research i came to that relization,but  when i did the GUISetControlEx i couldn't ever change it, i will do it through the hex and decimal and i couldn't get it to work. Could someone give my any example of any kind of 'recolored' progress bar :ph34r: thanks


debugging the new GUI syntax I found out that if you use the "Windows XP style" which produce green dot under XP you cannot change the color.

But with other version of Windows or with the "Windows classic Style" under XP it should work. :(

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