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Need help Finding a drive

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I have tried a simple If but I dont know if I used to many ElseIf's or if there wasnt a limit you could use it. =/ anyways here is what I have so far. Any help will be great :)

$Drive = ""

;Detect which drive we are using to grab our executables off of.
If FileExists("D:\file.EXE") Then
    $Drive = "D:\"
ElseIf FileExists("E:\file.EXE") Then
    $Drive = "E:\"
ElseIf FileExists("F:\file.EXE") Then
    $Drive = "F:\"
ElseIf FileExists("G:\file.EXE") Then
    $Drive = "G:\"
ElseIf FileExists("H:\file.EXE") Then
    $Drive = "H:\"

$Path = $Drive & "WINDOWS TOOLS\MISC"
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