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Pls Help Me.!

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My, İP address change, İP address, Send m my mail adress ... THE PROGRAMME NECESSARY PLEASE HELP ME ..

For : Remote Desktop Connection help me pls. :)

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Sounds like you are using a dynamic ip address. If you have and are using router, you could check to see if it works with www.DYNDNS.com -instructions will be on the site for setting up a address that will always point to your IP (Even when it changes)

Ex your dynamic IP is

Then it changes two days later to

If you use dyndns it will update from your router when the IP changes. So it will report the new address to DYNDNS which will allow the address you set up there. (YourName@DYNDNS.com) to forward to your new IP.

So where ever you are currently using the Ip you would replace with the domain name that autoupdates.

Linksys routers are good with this! I'm sure you could write a script to update the site also. (Instead of the router)

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