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Help with images.

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Hi, im new on these site.. first i wint to say that these is a great site with great memmbers and a great tool =)

well, now i want you late know that i am newb with these program and i dont know much of progaming.. so i need help with a few things..

First, and the most important for my is know if i can make an au3 file ( while running ) recognice a part of a image , if its possible, how can i do that? .. Thx!

Second, if i made any images for the gui, how can i make for make them display in the gui them only with 1 file, the exe or au3 file, i mean integrate the images in the file and later when i open it show the images in the gui ( what i allready can make but with the image sin teh same folder as the exe/au3 file )

Thx .

See ya!

PD: i upload an image where u can see what i mean with recognice a part of a image.. in these case what i want is to the porgram to recognice the part of th eimage that is inside the red area =)


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seems possible,...

try PixelGetColor

the HELP is really helpful !!!!


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