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Syntax changes.... mind to list out ?

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Well.... I just downloaded the latest v103 (23 Sept 2004), whereby the previous

v103 was not the 23 Sept 2004 beta released one.

I found out that the latest v103 has a huge changes, especially the GUI part. :ph34r:

Due to a sudden changes (too many), I wonder if someone could list out the

previous and the latest syntax for my reference ?



Eg. GUIShow() = GUISetState()

That would be very helpful cos I'm still trying to catch up the latest GUI syntax.

Somehow, it takes time for me to look for which one to be used. :(

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jpm sent me the following info. I'm not sure about GuiPeekMsg, but the rest should accurate

----------------------- SPLITTED -----------------------
    replace by GuiSetHelp, GuiSetBkColor, GuiSetIcon

GuiSetControl ("XXX", ...
    replace by GuiCtrlCreateXXX where XXX can be :
        Button, Checkbox, Combo, Date, Edit, Group, Input, Label, List, Pic, Radio
    new controls ContextMenu, TrayMenu, Menu, MenuItem, TreeView, TreeViewItem

    unused parameters have been suppressed in the following controls
   GuiCtrlCreateUpdown       ( inputcontrolid] )
   GuiCtrlCreateProgress     ( left, top [,width [,height [,style [,exStyle]]] )
   GuiCtrlCreateTab          ( left, top [,width [,height [,style [,exStyle]]] )
   GuiCtrlCreateTabItem      ( "text" )

    definition of the subid is no more in the "text" param extra parameter
   GuiCtrlCreateAvi          ( filename, subfileid, left, top [,width [,height [,style [,exStyle]]] )
   GuiCtrlCreateIcon         ( filename, iconid, left, top [,width [,height [,style [,exStyle]]] )

   GuiCtrlCreateCombo, GuiCtrlCreateList
    the "text" parameter is set if not "" in the combo/list control
    the GuiCtrlSetData will append

GuiSetControl ( controlid, ...
    replace by GuiCtrlSetImage, GuiCtrlSetPos, GuiCtrlSetStyle

    replace by GuiCtrlSetState, GuiCtrlSetBkColor, GuiCtrlSetColor, 
        GuiCtrlSetLimit, GuiCtrlSetResizing, GuiCtrlSetTip

    replace by GuiCtrlSetState, GuiCtrlSetData

----------------------- CHANGED -----------------------
    replace by GuiSetFont
    font and attribute are interchanged

GuiShow, GuiHide
    replace by GuiSetState
    no more timeout defined, use GuiPeekMsg with the timeout parameter
    replace by GuiPeekMsg
    a timeout can be defined if needed
GuiMsg() GuiMsg(timeout)
    replace by GuiGetMsg ([timeout] )

    replace by GuiCtrlSetFont
    Font and attribute are interchanged. Default values are those set by GuiSetFont

----------------------- RENAMED -----------------------
    replace by GuiCtrlGetState
    replace by GuiCtrlSetData
    replace by GuiCtrlSetNotify
    replace by GuiStartGroup

---------------------- UNCHANGED ----------------------
    GuiCreate, GuiDelete, GuiRead, GuiRecvMsg, GuiSendMsg, GuiSetCoord, GuiSetCursor, GuiGetCursorPos
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Thanks CS and JPM for providing such information !

@CS, thanks for fast respond.... very appreciated !

Cos I need to convert my current AutoIT3 program to the latest syntax.

Anyway, I've downloaded your Converter (from old to new syntax),

just haven't tested it out.

I'll post my feedback to your thread when I'm back to this forum next time.

very appreciate you guys works......

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