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I am tinkering and trying to get my head around a few concepts. The issue that is bugging me is how to close Audacity after opening it. I used auto reveal and Autoit wininfo to get information with concerns to Audacity when it was opened (no file loaded) it just had a reference to the window as Audacity. So I presumed that winClose ("Audacity","") would close the Audacity program. It didn't. I then did the following. With Know luck can anyone help.

For $i = Asc('a') to Asc('z')

If FileExists(Chr($i) & ":\Program Files\audacity\") Then Run(Chr($i) & ":\Program Files\audacity\audacity.exe")





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ProcessClose("audacity.exe") assuming that is the name of the process

Works, but I prefer to use PID:

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

$sAudacity = "C:\Program Files\Audacity\audacity.exe"

If Not WinExists("[CLASS:wxWindowClass]") Then

$hAudacity = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:wxWindowClass]")
$pidAudacity = WinGetProcess($hAudacity)
ConsoleWrite("Debug: $pidAudacity = " & $pidAudacity & @LF)



And I love Audacity!


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