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RS - HYBERMINER v2.2 is a great tool for Powermining and AutoMining in Runescape. HYBERMINER allows the user to choose the area in which it will look for the ores, it allows the user to pick the colors for Mining and Dropping, and it allows the user to choose which inventory slot to stop Mining before dropping.

UPDATE!!! NEW!! - New GUI. I kind of rushed a few things to release this with the new GUI, but everything should be fixed in the next update.


Currently in Production:

Anti-Ban and Anti-Random Functions
Seek and Find Color Tracking Technology
Trade Recognition



XP or Vista (coded and tested on Vista Home Premium)
1280 x 1024 Resolution (800x600 version in production)
32 bit Colors
Put Runescape in V-Bright Setting(Very Bright)
Must run in Official Runescape Client in FullScreen


    Download the Official Runescape Client at runescape.com
1.  Start RuneScape in Full Screen and log in, head for a mining area and get a pickaxe.
3.  Select the Color of the Ore you want to mine.
    (Rightclick the word Color and a menu will drop down)
    (Note: Some Colors/Ores are still not supported)
4.  Move the HYBERMINER Scan Screen over the ores that you want to mine. And
    set the required 'Scan Size'. (Area the script will look in
    for this color you've just set)
5.  Select Drop Color and click the main color of the ore in your inventory you wish to drop.If you don't want to power mine, then do not set the drop color.
6.  Put the HYBERMINER Drop Screen over the Inventory Slot you wish to trigger the drop sequence. If you don't want to power mine, then do not move the drop screen.
7.  Set the 2 timers: One controling the interval between checks,
    the other controling the time before another check is done while
8.  Either click 'Start' or press Ctrl + z
9.  Sit back, hopefully relax.
10. Wait until you have the required amount of ores (likely, a full inventory).
11. Return to the bank, go to the mining zone and repeat the process from step 8.


The Drop Colors for 'By Ore' are all broken, except for Copper. (I am working to fix this.

HYBERMINE in action ...


Post Progress Reports and Bug Reports

Feel free to add Code and Functions right in the Thread.

Version 2.0 - No Longer Available

Version 2.1 - No Longer Available

Version 2.2 - Currently Available

COMPLEX Beta is NOW out!

The theory and style has been inspired By Manadar; however, I have change the GUI and its Loop it is almost umcomparable to his work.

Edited by Melba23
User name removed by request

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I asked these questions in the original post but thought I should ask here as well in case these functions were added/changed with Hyberminer:

What are those undefined sections within the 'preferences' screen for? Specifically:

Beta Options: what are those 2 unnamed boxes for?

Drop Magic: What is what?

X and Y: I am not sure what those coordinates are being used for

Can you please explain? Thanks.

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wow ty so much for this extreamly great work! may i add a idear? im not that good au3 programmer yet so i dont know how to do ;D

i just dont understand how drop thingy works. ;(

but this HYBERMINER v2.2 could it just be a part of a final rs bot software?

i mean when you run "the ultimate final" what ever it could come with a list:

what do you wanna "bot"

[auto mine]

[auto fight]

[auto fish]

[auto wood cut]

if you would do that you dosent need to do so much just cupy the script

and insert Menu>Options>wood fidner>yew/willow/normal whaat ever

or menu Menu>options>monsterfinder>goblin/chicken/cow/blackknigt what ever

and Menu>options>monster's drops taker>colo by scr or what ever

so i can pikc up the etc. gold dropped by choosen monster

but this is the best rs bot software i ever seen plz also add: login script or auto (non lougout) it could be random click within 1min from last click or sdometing

plz pm if you need any help or anything. but i think that you ar the best of us

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This looks really cool. I'm an ex-runescape player, looks well done.

I created a very nice program myself for it, in autoit too.. It had several unique functions that I wrote myself, and included features like:

-Retrieve All Recent RS News

-RS World Selection (enter ANY runescape world, even full worlds)

-Username/Highscore leecher (enter your runescape character name, and it leeches your stats & lvls

-Combat Calculator (my own formula to calculate & determine how many lvls to achieve a new combat lvl

-Macros (simple ones like undetectable autospam and anti-afk, works even when window is minimized)

And a couple more features like a personal notepad to save important character names, and quick-link buttons to browse important sites used everyday. Perhaps I'll release this one day..

Your project looks great, keep up the good work,


Awaiting Diablo III..

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Thanks everybody! I am currently working on some of the ideas you mentioned. I had to take a short break to get back into the swing of things at school. By mid-September I should be vback on this as a full time hobby. I like alot of your ideas. Since this is my first Autoit Program I am still learning, but I appreciated all of your comments and suggestions. =)

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Ok I have a few simple ideas, not features but still might be good to do.

- Change all colors into hex. The drop colors are in hex and the orefinders ones are in dec.

- You use "right" and "left", using "primary" and "seconday" is better for portability reasons.

- Shouldn't it be "Sensitivity" not "Sensitifity"?

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Is it already out or isn't it, i really need something to use. ive been looking for something like that for ages. Nice work om creating it though! :)

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inline, i clicked on your link, and it took me to a website, but i don't see a download link anywhere on there. maybe i'm not looking hard enough, but can you give me any suggestions?

Education: Francis Tuttle Technology Center adult full-time studentCourse of study: Network TechnologyCurrent Course: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise EditionCompleted Courses: CompTIA A+ Hardware and Software, Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office 2003, Desktop Support and Troubleshooting, and CompTIA Network+Remaining Courses: Linux Administration, Copper Cabling, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise EditionAchievements: @17 years old, scored 98th percentile U.S. in Algebra 2 and Advanced Chemistry. [i.e. Ranked top 2% in the nation of High School students]

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This file from DarkerNanz cannot be verified and it has been sent to the moderators as unsafe. The link has been removed, and if posted again will result in a banning.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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this is a great bot, only one thing the drop feature isnt working do you have it in 2 button or 1 button mode to word because i would really like to power level my mining

Edit: also the drop feature severely lags my machine is there any way to prevent this? besides not using it XD

Edited by Dp138504


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