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I've just recompleted my Simple Notepad.

I completely forgot to include credit to the BetaPad developers for the Animate title for Simple Notepad! Sorry!!!


1. Its own File Association

2. It Encrypts your files with a 64 bit passoword with the strength at 3

3. You can write AU3 scripts in it and run it, but I still need to get down syntax highlighting

4. File menu: Open, New, Save, Print, Run AU3 Script, Exit

Edit Menu: Insert current time, reverse text, word count, Copy/Past, Undo/Redo, Font, Scramble Document, Spell Check(Not implemented yet.)

Speak Menu: Speak Text, Stop Speaking

About Menu: About

5. Small(250KB)

6. Comes with its own, purely made in AutoIt Installer/Uninstaller!

Bugs: None


1. Might get tabs, will cause a total rewrite which I'm not looking foward to.

Compiled EXE:



Source: Make sure to include credit if you use anypart of my source except: Scramble Document by Toady, And Animate Title from the BetaPad Developers!

I've had enough crap from people stealing Simple Notepad's source.

Any kind of suggestions, comments, Criticism is welcome!

If you use any of my code, please give me credit! But you can do anything you want to do with it.

Simple Notepad is Copyright Justin Reno 2007.

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Well, did you see it already encrypts with file with a 64bit passord? And, I dont think I'll implement tabs, that would be an advanced version. Unless you want tabs, which I could try to figure out.

I've had my experience with tabs... :) And oh... they're difficult.

It's pretty easy when you think about it, but it'll give you numerous headaches! If you'd like I could walk you through using them.

Basically all you need is something in the While loop checking the current tab, then checking the controls of the current tab. But having any more than one control in each tab makes it something that is VERY complex. I had to rewrite AIPad about 5 times before the first release..

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is good luck. ;)

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