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"Open File - Security Warning" no more!


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The solution listed in the post below this one DOES NOT take care of the "Open File - Security Warning" nag for all XP boxes. I have a work-around script two posts down that works for virtually all XP boxes, but there are some limitations to note:

Two nags that occur after a file is downloaded still exist that my original solution, nor the solution offered by (the author of the post below) this-is-me, take care of:

"Internet Explorer - Security Warning" (when any runnable finishes downloading and you select run from the "file download" window)


"File Download - Security Warning" (when files stored in Zips in Temp. Internet Files folder are double-clicked)

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I've done a bit more testing (basically, just tried the boot.ini entry on a different computer - still XP Home w/ SP2 as before though), and I've gotten the /NoExecute=AlwaysOff to NOT work at all.

Also, the /Execute and the /NoExecute=OptOut don't work on the other machine I tested it on also. I've verified the correct location of the boot.ini (c:\) and I also copied the file to the c:\windows\ directory, because that's all I did to the first machine I tested the boot entry on and it worked fine from only the windows directory.....none of the entries kept the nag from showing up on this particular machine.

So, it still stands that for a definite work around to only the "Open File - Security Warning" nag on the desktop, my script works for virtually all XP Home (most likely XP pro as well). I'll re-attach the script to this thread.


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Thank you for the prop, MHz! Script source is attached to this post...

Since I'm back in school from a 3 week break due to a hurricane, I won't have time to further this script immediately, but it should be pretty straightforward for someone else who wants to add more nag-removability to the script.

Maybe someone'll want to tackle the other two nags mentioned above, take care of downloads in all other diretories (not just the Desktop as its currently coded), and make it a complete solution!

It could happen...(well, who knows)


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