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Autoit compiled EXE and GUIRunOnce

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Trying to run an executable file using the GUIRunOnce function after Sysprep.

Script and exe run fine when executed in real time, but when run from GUIRunOnce, the exe runs as expected. Then the GUI never finishes loading the desktop and the EXE is still listed in the Task manager/Processes as running and user cannot continue? Ctl-Alt-Del still works at that point and that's how I could see the exe still in the Processes box.

Code as follows

; Open System Properties box, got Hardware Tab, Select Device manager, Tab to Tree.

; Select the Network adaptors selection and wait for user input to de-select NIC power option.


WinWaitActive ("System Properties")

Send ("^{TAB}")

Send ("^{TAB}")



WinWaitActive("Device Manager")




WinWaitClose ( "System Properties")

Any suggestions?


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