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GuiInputBox, wont send value

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I'm trying to make a simple message sender for a game, to stop me having to type repetitively.

I made a GUI and created some input boxes, I can get the script to read the input boxes, so that if they equal the default then the script won't send anything.

However, when I want it to send the message that I have entered into the input box, it just sends the number 3.

My code is as follows.

Global $Paused = 0
HotKeySet("{F5}", "Togglepause")

GuiCreate("BooYA's Spammer", 265, 450)
$Line1 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("What you wish to spam. Line 1", 10, 55)
$Line2 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("What you wish to spam. Line 2", 10, 85)
$Line3 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("What you wish to spam. Line 3", 10, 115)
$Line4 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("What you wish to spam. Line 4", 10, 145)
$Line5 = GuiCtrlCreateInput("What you wish to spam. Line 5", 10, 175)
$Start = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Start", 20, 275, 100, 35)
$Pause = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Pause", 125, 275, 100, 35)
$Sleep = GuiCtrlCreateInPut("1000", 10, 230, 50, 20)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Sleep time inbetween messages, in miliseconds", 10, 205)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Enter what you wish to spam below."  & @CRLF & "If you don't want to use all lines, leave them blank", 10, 10)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Made by BooYA©", 175, 435)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Instructions: Run Silkroad, login then load the script." & @CRLF &  "Fill in the boxes. Click on the chat box. Press F5" & @CRLF & "to unpause the script." & @CRLF &  "If you want to edit what you spam, please pause" & @CRLF &  "the script first.", 10, 330)


While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
    $Read1 = GuiCtrlRead($Line1)
    If $Read1 = "What you wish to spam. Line 1" Then

Func TogglePause()
$Paused = Not $Paused
While $Paused
ToolTip("Booya's Spammer is paused - Press F5 to resume",1,1)

Does anybody know what's wrong?

Alot of the things in the GUI have no value at the moment. It's not finished, i just need to know how to get the sending to work.


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