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Help with parallel port!

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Hello everyone!

I have been working on a cheap, realistic and not-so-real vinyl for my VirtualDJ software.

<I was just wondering if i could save some money on the original Vinyls. :) >

Now, the main problem I am facing is that how do i trigger the placing of the mouse cursor on the Vinyl in VDJ.

I have been able to place it via timing...But, that is not so good.

Please tell me how do I make my program to always check the parallel port for changes in its input pins' status.

I mean, when I change the pin#10(or any one ) to high :) , the mouse cursor should automatically move on to a specified location.

Thanks in advance...

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There are some free libraries that can help you do that.

Take a look at this topic.


Hope it helps.

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