Hi! After 18 days without new versions of Au3GlPlugin, is time for news. The old Au3GlPlugin was remodeled and now it is Au3GlPlugin T2. Why T2? Because the plugin needed a new model. The old model, searching each object by a string name, was slow, heavy and nothing friendly. So, some concepts was changed: First, any object is referenced now by an ID. Second, groups don't exists how it was. Now an object can group shapes and another objects itself. Third, each added shape can be worked independent of object (and texturized separately too). And now it have help file Downloads: Plugin: Au3GlPlugin_T2_2008_03_23.zip Old versions: +441 downloads Examples: Au3GlPlugin_T2_2008_03_23_examples.zip Old versions: +368 downloads SRC: Au3GlPlugin_T2_2008_03_23_SRC.zip Old versions: +171 downloads Another download location here. This project is open for any contribution, modifications of any kind. Is public! But please, if you expand it in any way, share with us! PS: Requires a graphics card that supports OpenGL (Intergrated Chipsets not recommended). It don't work properly on Windows Vista - will be fixed. The needed Glut32 and Glaux can be found here. And please! Comments are welcome!