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AutoIt Script to EXE Converter screwed up.

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I was trying to compile my script with Aut2Exe V3 when I noticed it was taking way too long. I waited, and after a few seconds I got this message:

Posted Image

I knew there was nothing wrong in line 5 because I used the script before, so I clicked convert again... same error. So when I decided to check what was wrong with my script, I was shocked to see the file was gone. :shock:

What the hell happened?

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Oh, I just figured out what it was :">

I browsed to my script and:

In source it said: "Path\script.au3"

and in destination: "Path\script.au3". I copied the source path into the destination box and forgot to change the .au3 extension to .exe. I understand now why my script got removed, ahaha. Try it and you'll see :)

It's strange that it even tried to compile... It should compare both paths and make sure they are valid, that would make it even more noob-proof :)

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