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How to interact with a listbox element?

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I am trying to interact with a gui in my autoit script.

This gui presents a listbox.

I can see with the AutoIt Window Info that the listbox is accessible. But i can't find the way to select a line of it?

Check the checkbox of the line?

Nothing appears except information about the listbox (id, name etc...).

Can someone tell me how to do that?


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Maybe i was not clear... (i really have difficulties here lol).

The thing is that... I don't have any code!

In fact, if i can't see with what (id, name of line, text of line, whatever) i am going to interact,

which code can i write about it?

I'm taking a look to the A3LListbox.au3 thing.


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I found the Auto3Lib thing and it sounds really great.

I just have a problem....

I will explain again. I want to create a script that manages a software which has a GUI. I didn't make this software myself.

In the Auto3Lib documentation, they are creating their own ListBox and so , they already have the handler they are using

to interact with it.

So in my case, i would like to know how to get an handler from an already existing listbox.

The AutoIt Window Info is giving me the id, class, instance... well everything about the listbox. How to use that to retrieve/create an handler that i can use?


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