After three hours I'm really stuck on this one guys, any help people could provide would be great. What I'm doing is opening up a lotus notes program, making some alterations and saving the file. Lotus does the copying within the program, it doesn't provide any notification when the copying is finished, but I need to know when the copying is done before the script can continue. I'm using the following code right now: Do $attribute = FileGetTime($FiletoCheck,0,1) SLEEP(3000) $attributenew = FileGetTime($FiletoCheck, 0, 1) UNTIL $attribute = $attributenew Its working right now, but if I drop the sleep timer down to 2000 sometimes it believes the file is finished copying before it actually is. I'm worried that with a very large file the timer may not be enough, and its just not an elegant way to do this. I have tried comparing the file accessed time (which doesn't work because the script itself changes it), the file size (doesn't work, apprarantely the programs sets up the full file skeleton before it fills in all the data), and the file atrribute (always comes back as archive from start to finish). Does anyone know a more elegant and reliable way to do this? Also one more note, lotus must do the copying, as its making special alterations to the file I do not know how to do with another program. So I can't just outsource the copying to another program.