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Password protected screensaver.

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Ive got a script written. Part of it uses MouseClick so I need to have access to the GUI.

The script will be run on a Win 2k3 server (right now im testing in on my xp box). There is a local admin user account that is ALWAYS logged in. For security reasons the screensaver is password protected (Ctrl-Alt-Del is not required).

This script is going to be scheduled to run every night. So I need my script to wake the server up from the screensaver and then provide the password into the prompt.

I have the script move the mouse around to wakeup the server, but it never works. The script runs, but the screensaver prevails and I am never prompted for the password.

In testing, I found if I turn off "On resume, prompt for password" the mouse movement kills the screensaver.

Any ideas? I've been hunting all afternoon for a soln.


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I solved this with:

Start --> Control Panel --> Scheduled Tasks

Set task to run with admin rights, enter user/pass.


Even if screen saver is running or the station is locked (Winkey + L) the program runs. As far as using higher functions (ControlClick, etc) ... my software doesn't use those.

As a test:

1) Make a program with two or three message boxes.

2) Make a second program that is set to run on a timer as previously described

3) The second program should click the sequence of boxes using ControlClick()

4) Unlock the box and take a look.


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Thanks for the responses.

No, I am not able to use ControlClick. The software I am trying to interact with is very poor. (IpView for IP cameras). I cannot find any ControlIDs.

As for the other suggestion about running it as a scheduled task with admin privs. I did that with no luck.

I also tried what you suggested about writing 2 scripts, one to open some windows and one to close them. That did not work either.

As I stated before, if the screensaver is not password protected, then it works great.

Any ideas of how to actually make a script type in the password?

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that may be so,

but it doesn't solve my problem anyway. i dont want the script to do the work behind the screen saver. i want the script to wake the screen saver and type in the password. that is the solution im looking for. if no one knows how to do that, thats cool. im just looking to see if anyone else has figured it out.

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