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IELinkClickByText triggering popup blocker in IE7

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Hi all,

I am using Autoit as my functional test tool for a web site. Recently we placed a load balancer in front of our 2 web front ends and now when I am in the secure portion of the site (login via windows username/pass) a page that generate a popup window is having the popup blocker trigger when using _IELinkClickByText on the link. If I do it manually, it does not do this. Previously we were hitting the site within a domain trust, now with the LB its seen as an external connection ( I am "guessing" as I am not a master of these concepts...).

I've tried inserting a sleep for up to 20 seconds to see if it was keying off of too quick a click.

I'd prefer not to place an exception in the popup blocker since that may potentially block me from seeing ones that may get triggered manually.

Does anyone have any idea why the link.click in _IELinkClickByText is triggering the popup blocker now (zone change?)? Any workarounds?

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Wow, this is a poor, sad workaround that MAY work.

Send( "{CTRLDOWN}" )

; now _IELinkClickByText

Send( "{CTRLUP}" )

That should bypass the popup blocker in IE. I wouldn't have given you this crap workaround if somebody else had responded, but for now, I guess you can try this

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