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AutoGK - Installation is corrupt, using Run()

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I'm writing a script to automate DVD ripping and DivX conversion. Here's my code:

Opt('ExpandEnvStrings', 1)
Run("%programfiles%\DVD Decrypter\DVDDecrypter /mode ifo /src %drive% /dest %dest% /naming pgc angel /overwrite yes /split none /start /close")
WinWait("DVD Decrypter" , "OK")
Run("c:\program files\autogk\autogk.exe")
;WinWaitActive("len0x presents: Auto Gordian Knot 2.45 - THE tool for XviD/DivX conversion.")
;ControlSend("len0x presents: Auto Gordian Knot 2.45 - THE tool for XviD/DivX conversion." , "" , "721688" , "$outfile")

Note that the variables %drive%, %dest%, and %outfile% are declared and read from the NT shell script that calls my autoIT script.

The script works perfectly until it gets to Run("c:\program files\autogk\autogk.exe"). It pops up a dialog box saying:

Installation is corrupt. Please reinstall the application.

I have also tried starting autoGK from the command line and it pops up the same dialog box. I'm using autoGK version 2.45 and autoIT version 3.

Any ideas or suggestions why this doesn't work? Or an alternate way to start AutoGK? I guess I could use mouse clicks, and start it from a shortcut, but thats sloppy looking and impractical.

Thanks for your time.


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Well... if the problem is with the application then there's not a problem with AutoIt. Did you look at the shortcut's properties to see if you got the right .exe? Did you try using ShellExectue() to run the shortcut?

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