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Top-Level GUI for fullscreen games

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I'm writing an application for my mother, who need's a chat program to message my little brother while he's playing games(fullscreen).(Mostly cuz he's upstairs, she's downstairs, and yelling up and down hallways kinda sucks... Mom: "Son!! its time for dinner!!", Son: "Whatt? i cant hear you! im busy, bother me later"... basically how it goes...)

Yes I could do something in C++, but for the moment I've found quite an interest in Autoit 3, really liking its features... so would prefer it.

Basically, I need to be able to pop-up a window/GUI between two computers(ive mastered server and client applications so I have no problem sending and recieving data between two computers using auto it... Chat will be easy), that does NOT minimize current applications(like a fullscreen game), so that my mother may chat with him while he's playing games.

Does anyone know if AutoIt can do this? If so, i would really appreciate it if someone could tell me the correct search terms for google.com so i can research this and do it. Don't necessarily need a code example, but that would be great too. Anything would help really...

Any help is GREATLY appreciated,


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You could always start the process by pressing a key, which is a pause key for the game, depending on what process is open, and then show the GUI, with the required styles.

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