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Prevent duplicate process running?

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Say I have Test.au3 converted to Test.exe.

How can I make it so that it knows not to run if Test.exe (itself) already exists in the process list?

I tried using ProcessExists() but it doesn't work (probably my problem).


If ProcessExists("Test.exe") <> 0 Then

;process already exists, exit




It works (I think) if I run the .au3 directly but not if I run the .exe.

Any help?

Thanks a lot!

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Oh, oops.



It doesn't work... it just exists no matter what.


When running the .au3 directly, I get an error, line 60 in Misc.au3

Local $p = DllStructCreate($struct)

error: unknown function name.

I do have misc.au3 in

C:\program files\autoi3\include\misc.au3

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