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Hide Program From Task-Switch List?

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Hi Forum,

The situation is: I ve got some program that starts with windows and stays resident on desktop screen.

If i taskswitch, i often have to over tap this program.

Is it possible with AutoIT to remove it from that "taskswitchlist"? I've searched the forum but i found nothing with content i could use.

Just to make sure: i never want to hide anything else but that.

Please help, or i get crazy <_<

thx in advance!

sry for double posting

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Is WinSetOnTop() what you want?

Sry, no. WinSetOnTop() would set "Always On Top" on that window.This is not what i want.

To show what i mean:

There's a clock named ClocX. This Clock shows up on desktop and stays there. You can click through make it transparent and many more.

And there's an option "not to show up in Alt-Tab-List". This option i want to set in an other program that also stays on desktop but without this feature.

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There are two ways - set $WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW style or make it a child of some window (not a very good option if you're doing it on some external app). ClockX uses first method.

You can toggle it like this...

$get = DllCall("user32.dll", "long", "GetWindowLong", "hwnd", $hwnd, "int", -20)
DllCall("user32.dll", "long", "SetWindowLong", "hwnd", $hwnd, "int", -20, "long", BitXOR($get[0],$WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW))

This style also changes appearance of the window's titlebar (which doesn't show on ClockX since it uses skin), but maybe you can live with that...

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Siao, you re the greatest !

3 Lines of code and the problem is solved. thx man!

This program 'BitMeter' is also skinned. So theres no titlebar too.

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