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GuiGetCursorInfo issue

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Why doesn't GuiGetcursorInfo tell me when the mouse is over a tab control, group, or AVI control? Buttons, pics, and other controls are reported just fine.

GuiCreate("Watch the tooltip")

GuiCtrlCreateGroup("Frame", 130, 20, 70, 70)
GuiCtrlCreateAvi(@ScriptDir & "\SampleAVI.avi",-1, 220, 40)
GuiCtrlCreatePic(@ScriptDir & "\SampleImage.bmp", 280, 30)

GuiCtrlCreateButton("Button", 20, 130, 100, 30)
GuiCtrlCreateCheckbox("Checkbox", 140, 130, 100, 30)

guictrlcreateTab(10, 10, 100, 100)

while Guigetmsg() <> -3;$GUI_EVENT_CLOSE        
  $info = GuiGetCursorInfo()
  If isArray($info) Then ToolTip("ID#:  " & $info[4])
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@Larry: alright... now I know what you mean... I found some codesnip in the internet :)

And that could be our solution or Jon can modify the function a little bit if he founds the time..."EnumChildWindows" is the answer ;)

So a big thanks to James Brown from "Catch22 Productions" too :)

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