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Volume Control

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This is probably out there, but who cares.

This will let you simply change the volume using simple hotkeys. Fell free to change them if you want.

By default:

ctrl+*Up_arrow_key* increases the volume

ctrl+*down_arrow_key* decreases the volume

ctrl+*left_arrow_key* mutes the volume

ctrl+*Up_arrow_key* changes the rate at which the volume is changed with the up and down arrow keys.

I will continue to work on this, and make it a bit more user friendly, and easily customizable and probably make a try menu.

I am also working on implementing the scroll wheel change the volume instead of the arrow keys.

Dim $counter = 0
Dim $speed = 2

HotKeySet("^{UP}", "v_up")
HotKeySet("^{DOWN}", "v_down")
HotKeySet("^{LEFT}", "mute")
HotKeySet("^{RIGHT}", "speed")

Func v_up()
        $counter += 1
    Until $counter = $speed
    $counter = 0

EndFunc ;==>v_up

Func v_down()
        $counter += 1
    Until $counter = $speed
    $counter = 0
EndFunc ;==>v_down

Func mute()
EndFunc ;==>mute

Func speed()
    $speed += 1
    If $speed = 4 Then
        $speed = 1
EndFunc ;==>speed

While 1
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