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Updater software! MD5

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This is game loader witch check files with MD5 checksum.

Why is good? You dont have to change anyting when you update your game or app

just upload changed files to server. Thats it. Client automaticly check file and if its difrent on client side will delete it and replace with updated one in server.



Only beta version baisicly made it for Lineage 2


direct seciurity data transfer to memory withuot saving on disk

sub folders check

custom files out of game directory

protection, preventing app start without loader


Web server with PHP.



$dir = Path to original files to compare with client ones. Dont put folder there it dosent support sub folder check.

This file goes to Web server.

And your originl files witch have to be cheked goes to on web server. Take a look at PHP code


Original name: bg.jpg

Backgruond picture for loader. Add some text with photosop and you have your news shown every time they start client.


name: loader.dll

(you can find it in forum search to. It's not my dll I borowed it)

save it as loader.dll it is dll witch i fuond on autoit forums it does MD5 checksumm function, as autoit dosent have it.

name: Loader.au3


AU3 script :)

Comments? Offers? ^_^ Greatfull

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sorry for dump witch I posted. at 8:00 +2GTM will be full with guide.

Just wanted to see is this use full. SO I carry on on this.

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you should check out the VersionCompare udf

the function you would find useful is VersionCompareX

It can handel any version number that is numbers or letters...

like and

i use it in my AutoUpdater

Thanks I will tke a look :)
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-1 means $sOne > $sTwo

0 means $sOne = $sTwo

1 means $sOne < $sTwo

BTW: I'm not the author of this... Im unsure of the author...

Func _VersionCompareX($sOne, $sTwo)
    Local $returnValue = 0
    Local $tempOne = StringSplit($sOne, "."), $tempTwo = StringSplit($sTwo, ".")
    Local $numPositions = $tempOne[0]
    If $tempTwo[0] > $tempOne[0] Then $numPositions = $tempTwo[0]
    Dim $arrayOne[$numPositions], $arrayTwo[$numPositions]
    For $X = 0 to $numPositions - 1
        $arrayOne[$X] = 0
        $arrayTwo[$X] = 0
    For $X = 1 to $tempOne[0]
        If $X > $numPositions Then ExitLoop
        $stripped = StringRegExpReplace ($tempOne[$X], "^0+", "")
        If $stripped <> "" Then $arrayOne[$X - 1] = $stripped
    For $X = 1 to $tempTwo[0]
        If $X > $numPositions Then ExitLoop
        $stripped = StringRegExpReplace ($tempTwo[$X], "^0+", "")
        If $stripped <> "" Then $arrayTwo[$X - 1] = $stripped     
    For $X = 0 to $numPositions - 1
        Switch StringCompare ($arrayOne[$X],$arrayTwo[$X])
            Case 0
                $returnValue = 0
            Case -1
                $returnValue = -1
            Case 1
                $returnValue = 1
    Return $returnValue

Hope it helps!

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