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requesting modified edit control - new UDF?

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i'm very new to AutoIt and am at my wits end with the characteristics of GUICtrlCreateEdit() and _GUICtrlEdit_Create() as neither meets my needs. i've been wrestling with this issue for over a week and am getting nowhere.

modifying _GUICtrlEdit_Create() to do what i need is over my head at this point, so i'm seeking someone who'd be willing to do this, or create a new UDF, or walk me through one of the former.

i think this would benefit others as well by offering an edit control for AutoIt that feels more like a notepad edit control and fills the niche between a standard edit control and a rich text edit control.

requirements are an edit control which...

1) accepts all the properties of GUICtrlCreateEdit() including resizing, *docking*, styles and ex-styles.

2) does NOT select all contents upon focus like GUICtrlCreateEdit() does.

so i think what i'm after is similar to the _GUICtrlEdit_Create() UDF with the added ability to be dynamically resized by the form holding it, like GUICtrlCreateEdit() is.

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Hello again Gary. I see you're the author of _GUICtrlEdit_Create.

The reason i asked for a new/modified edit control is so i wouldn't have to dance around the code to get it to do what i want, plus i thought it would be something others (especially new users like myself) could benefit from.

Having said that, i'll play with your suggestion and see what my code-fried, caffeine-saturated brain can accomplish.

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