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Toggling Checkboxes With Controlcommand?

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Can someone advise me how to use ControlCommand?

I am trying to test wether a checkbox in an application is enabled.

I'm not quite sure how to use ControlCommand and it's parameters correctly and if it's really intended for my purpose.

AutoItSetOption ( "WinTitleMatchMode", 2 )
    WinActivate ( "HTTPort 3.SNFM" )
    WinWaitActive("HTTPort 3.SNFM")
ControlCommand("HTTPort 3.SNFM", "Proxy requires authentication", "", "Check", "" )

The intended Control gets the focus but that's it, no toggling. :whistle:

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Call this function .. (use 0 for Black, or use your AutoitSpy for custom colo(u)rs)

Func CheckBox($pX1, $pX2, $pY1, $pY2, $pOnColor, $pState)
;This function scans the pixels in the given range, 
;and if the $pColor value is found then does nothing (since it is ALREADY "on")
;otherwise it sends a mouseclick event to the middle of the range
;Set coordinates relative to active window  
    AutoItSetOption("MouseCoordMode", 0)   ;0 = relative coords to the active window
    AutoItSetOption("PixelCoordMode", 0)   ;0 = relative coords to the active window

;Ignore mouse wanderings
;See if the On-Color can be found
    $aXY = PixelSearch($pX1, $pY1, $pX2, $pY2, $pOnColor)
    If @error = 1 then
       ;pOnColor WAS NOT found
        $ynChecked = 0
       ;pOnColor WAS found
        $ynChecked = 1
    If $ynChecked = $pState then 
       ;Do nothing, since the required state matches the current status
       ;Send the mouse to click the topleft coords
        MouseClick( "left" ,$pX1 ,$pY1 ,1 ,0)       
;Back to normal

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Btw: I had to use the function above for an install that used non-standard checkboxes, cos the regular method didn't work on it ..

$sTitle = "Regional Settings Properties"
    ControlCommand($sTitle, "", "Button1", "Check", "")

    ControlCommand($sTitle, "", "Button1", "UnCheck", "")
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Thanks for the workaround using the pixel color.

But let's return for a moment to ControlCommand: I finally worked out how to make it function but have to admit that I'm still not sure how to set the parameters, expecially the need of the "text"-part.

The help file tells us to use it like this:

ControlCommand ( "title", "text", "classnameNN", "command" ,"option")

Take Winamp for example. I want to open the File-Info Box and uncheck the ID3v2 Tag option. After the Send ("!fv") I get a box with the title "MPEG file info box + ID3 tag editor". I now search AU3_Spy for the text which is displayed beneath the checkbox. In this case I find "ID3v&2 Tag" in the section <Visible Window Text>. Additionally I would search AU3_spy for the Checkbox name and find "Button5".

My ConctrolCommand would then be

ControlCommand("MPEG file info box + ID3 tag editor", "ID3v&2 Tag", "Button5", "UnCheck", "")

This works, but it also works when I leave out the "text" parameter, and it doesn't work when I leave it in and take out the "classnameNN"-parameter instead. Why is that?

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This is how I understand it works up till now.....

The Title and Text fields are used to Identify the correct window. So text should contain a text that makes this particular window unique.

If the window title is unique it will work without a value in the Text field to identify the correct window.

The classnameNN parameter is the name of the control on the selected window which you want to Check/UnCheck. so thats always needed.

By the way you can also use these commands to Check / uncheck checkboxes:

; to check
ControlSend("MPEG file info box + ID3 tag editor", "ID3v&2 Tag", "Button5","{NUMPADADD}")
; to UnCheck
ControlSend("MPEG file info box + ID3 tag editor", "ID3v&2 Tag", "Button5","{NUMPADSUB}")

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