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please help. ( a tough one i know)

Let's find out:

#include <date.au3>

$sMsg = ""
For $y = 1000 To 1900 Step 100
    $sMsg &= $y & ": " & _DateDiff("d", $y & "/02/28", $y & "/03/01") & @CRLF
For $y = 1995 To 2009
    $sMsg &= $y & ": " & _DateDiff("d", $y & "/02/28", $y & "/03/01") & @CRLF

MsgBox(64, "Leapyears?", $sMsg)

The script shows the number of days from February 28 to Mach 01 in each year given.

Note the pattern in even century years. A century year (1900 or 2000) is divisible by 4 and would be a leap year, but they are NOT... unless... they are divisible by 400. This is correct.


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