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Detect "text" in a window, and then click...

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Attached is a copy of a screenshot of our report application. We are using software by Applied Cim to manage remote hardware - this software is an inventory management tool we are phasing out - but while we do so we want to atleast have some level of integration as it is a multi year plan to remove it from our install base.

Unfortunately it uses some proprietary reporting methods with this viewer which are hard coded, and eliminate using a tool such as Groff Automations Crystal Delivery. As such a simple solution for me is to force mouse clicks, not all sites will have the windows positioned exactly the same, and I have no control over that - but I would like to "detect the text" under the mouse, or search to locate certain text...

Because the pixel search is by color that means when a mouse moves there, or if its last location before the script ran is there, then I would expect some failure...

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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You could accomplish this by using OCR to find specific text on the screen and report the position. Search the forums for OCR and you should find plenty of examples.

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