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Intelliremote Fastforward function in Auto-IT ?

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Hi, I 'm new to this program.

I just bought Intelliremote, which allows you to reprogram, among others, the MCE remote.

Now I was trying to mimic the MCE fastforward function in Media Player Classic.

In Intelliremote I can assign a function to the FFWD key on the remote for Media Player Classic.

In Mediaplayer Classic I can also assign a keyboard combination to "Large jump forward" (at this point in time I use Ctrl+right arrow).

However, there is no autorepeat in Intelliremote, so I can assign "CTRL+Right arrow" to that key and press the FFWD button on the remote and not release it for 5 minutes, it still will only send the Ctrl+Right arrow once...

Therefore I wanted to use an Auto-it script to mimic the way MCE uses the FFWD.

In MCE if you press the FFWD once, it will start fast-forwarding at a certain pace.

It does that until ANY key is pressed.

If that key turns out to be the FFWD key again, it keeps fast-forwarding, but at a faster pace.

If the key that was pressed is another button, fast forwarding is stopped, and that function is executed.

This may be a bit too difficult to implement, so what I would like to make is a script that simply loops between sending "CTRL+right arrow", pausing for a few milliseconds until any key has been pressed.

Is this possible with Autoit ?

There does not seem to be an "any key" function ?

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