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Working in the background

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Hello, i was wondering if it's possible to make AutoIt work in the background, i mean, for example:

I have X1 and X2 applications. I want AutoIt to make something to X1 while at the same time i'm working with the X2 application. So it'd work without the X1 application being active. Is it possible?

I hope you understand, and if you don't, let me know and i'll try to explain it better.

Thanks! ^^

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Sorry for the late response, went out for a little while.

I need the X1 action to copy and paste text lines into a translation software (That software translates and tries to use the right syntax and order of words, so it takes a little while to translate), so then while it translates, i take the previous piece of line, modify it if needed, and put it where it goes.

Something like that, not sure if i explained very well.

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