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Synchronised Powerpoint Presentations

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I'm trying to use several PC's to run three synchronised powerpoint presentations - where the three presentations change slides at the same time. I have the PC's and projectors ( none are multi display!) and what I want to do is to start PPT on each PC and then have one PC send keypresses to the other two to move to the next slide with suitable time delays. The PC's will be connected across a network ( all have ethernet/wireless). Can this be done with Autoit?

I can manually start PPT and select the slide show - it is the automated sending of keypresses remotely that I'm interested in.


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Yes, this is possible to to, however, this is quite a large amount of work.

You would need to create a server script and client scripts.

You would have to know how to use the TCP functions in AutoIt.

Writing scripts that perform networking operations, especially with multiple connections is not something for beginners and since you only have one post on this forum, I am assuming you are a beginner.

You would then have to write functions to send various messages to the clients and from the clients to the server.

You would also need to debug these scripts. Also, keep in mind you need a good way for the scripts to connect to one another via TCP. I am assuming the network they are using assigns LAN IP addresses via a DHCP server. If that is the case, then the IP addresses are highly dynamic and you would need to get the ip address of the network adapter of the computer that you are running the server script on and then input that IP address to the computers with the client scripts.

Nobody here is going to do this for you, but if you have ample time to learn AutoIt scripting and ample time until the presentation, then go for it.

You need to look at the TCP functions. Also search for some prewritten TCP functions by AutoIt Smith in the Example Scripts forum.

I don't think anyone here is going to write a script as elaborate as you are talking about, however, we are willing to help you if you attempt to write it yourself and get stuck with a problem.

Please post the code you have written when you encountered the problem and explain with as much detail as possible what that problem is.

Is what you are asking possible to do with AutoIt? Absolutely 100% possible. Is it as easy as opening an unlocked door? No.

Please take a look at the AutoIt help file. It is probably the easiest to understand and best done help file I have ever used. Also, you can easily access the help file online via the online documentation which is the exact same documentation that is found in the help file.






Good Luck

- The Kandie Man ;-)

"So man has sown the wind and reaped the world. Perhaps in the next few hours there will no remembrance of the past and no hope for the future that might have been." & _"All the works of man will be consumed in the great fire after which he was created." & _"And if there is a future for man, insensitive as he is, proud and defiant in his pursuit of power, let him resolve to live it lovingly, for he knows well how to do so." & _"Then he may say once more, 'Truly the light is sweet, and what a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to see the sun.'" - The Day the Earth Caught Fire

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