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control read only portion of txt file

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Im doing a guictrlread thats calling txt files to access IPs. I would like to add nicknames to it that will distinguish them. The info the script looks for from the txt file is for a list| | The GUI uses this info to create it's combo box info with and then grabs the one selected from the combo box later to use while running the script.

Now what I want is something that looks like this


The combo box would read the whole thing so the user could distinguish which players IP he wanted to play. The second call for the combo box later would retrieve only the IP address itd ignore the stuff between asterisks.

Is this possible?

As well Id like to detect what text has been placed in these combo boxes before executing the script. Ive left a few forms pre filled out with information like Enter IP Address and "Enter Game Name" If you run the script with those in it fails miserably...

I've included the script incase any of you would like to take a peak... To run the script you need mame32k 0.64 and O746 release of kaillera that's from Nov 02 2007 (other versions will work with slight adjustments) to look at the script, you need eyeballs.

Any general advice on the script is appreciated too, this is my firstish autoit script. It works, but I really have no clue what I'm doing.


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