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Download now or wait for stable version?

Just looking for opinions  

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  1. 1. Just looking for opinions

    • Yes, download now
    • No, wait

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I haven't downloaded the Beta version yet because I don't want my codes to break once the stable version is released. Good idea? Silly to wait? Probably silly to post this in this forum since everyone here obviously has the beta version, but what the heck. Tell me what you think anyway. :)


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I can't help myself.  I always download the current beta, only burned once and since then keep a -1 copy around.  This tool with its Scite enhancements is way too valuable to not use every feature you can.  AutoIt3 is the Swiss army knife of utilities.



Its as easy to have the latest stable release installed with the installer and have a seperate directory for the current unstable.

In SciTE you just add these to the SciteUser.properties so Alt+F5= run unstable and Alt+F7 = Compile unstable. Alt+F1 for the unstable helpfile. (this needs to be renamed to autoitbeta.chm)

command.21.*.au3=$(Beta_Autoit3dir)\autoit3.exe /ErrorStdOut "$(FilePath)"
command.name.21.*.au3=Run Debug 
command.22.*.au3=$(Beta_Autoit3dir)\aut2exe.exe /in "$(FilePath)"
command.name.22.*.au3=Compile Debug
command.name.24.*.au3=Debug Help

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I am for downloading and using ALWAYS the lastest.

Ok, I had to remake Run! from Zero for the new GUI sintax... but how can you say NO to new power?


Well, that's excatly what's holding me back. I used a beta for MultiShrink but now that I'm aiming at a multi language version where you can switch between english and german at the click of a button and a few other settings I'll prolly better wait so I do not have to rewrite the whole interface yet again.

Is a final scheduled yet?

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I also program in an obscure language called Libery Basic. Recently I received a programming assignment at work that I wrote in LB with an AutoIt engine that wrapped into a 1.4 Meg application - I replaced the whole thing with an AutoIt GUI ap in 144 K. Since this ap will be used at some remote sites with ISDN as their "broadband", the 144 K ap is the winner - and so is AutoIt GUI. I'm moving ahead with the Beta!

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Didn't someone make a script that could automatically "convert" a script

from the old GUI-names to new GUI-names ?

I'm planning to update a program that I'm making, and for that I

need one of the newer releases (I'm currently using one of the September-

releases, I think..), and it would be great if I didn't had to rewrite the

source (over 1200 lines :idiot: ) manually..

- Helge

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Didn't someone make a script that could automatically "convert" a script

from the old GUI-names to new GUI-names ?


There is this, but I should stress it only works for simple scripts :idiot: Lots of nested parentheses can confuse it; and you sometimes need to manually clean up some leftover GuiWrite and AutoItSetOptions.....

Once regular expression searching gets implemented, the conversion script could be rewritten...

Edit: fix typos

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