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Matrix Calculator (Autosize, floating matrix windows)

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First, to the many ex-fellow guest that browse these forums on Autoit. When you first register, you are allowed 64k upload. After five posts, and if you are not banned forever, you are allowed 1mb upload. I never saw this information anywhere.

The main reason I registered was to share this matrix calculator. I have had fun exploring matrix manipulation, and would like to see matrices or 2D arrays to become as familiar as ordinary numbers that we use ever day. I think this calculator is a step towards that outcome.

To the fourteen, must have been guests, that downloaded my first zip file 2 weeks ago, you will see a difference.

This is my third attempt at a Main window interface. Before this current version, I came across Martin's calculator @


I always intended to add it, which I have. It was an amazingly easy process. I should have started with Martin's calculator and added the matrix functions. A much simpler script would have resulted. From text books we have terms like these:- Inverse, reciprocal, and my favorite Multiplicative Inverse. They are actually, and could have come under a 1/x button.

At the moment, it acts like two separate calculators. The matrix side, and Martin's line calculator, sharing the Rich Text box command line. The operands of the two can not be mixed. Really good if they could.

What it really needs next is a cut, copy, paste. I am tried of always Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V for pasting to command line.

Edit: See http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...st&p=474934

for latest working version.

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...what exactly is this program used for...beside the calculator?

Originally, it was a demo to show the matrixUDF.au3 functions working on any size matrix that the 2DArray.au3 lacked.

Now, if you are in the know about matrices it's a tool. Just a calculator

If not in the know, it's a tool to explore the infinite possibilities that the power of matrix manipulation offers.

Everybody knows about and uses multiply and divide on ordinary numbers. With big numbers, I use a calculator.

Less people know about and use trig. functions, cos, tan, etc.

A lot less people know about and use matrix functions.

The same multiply and divide rules used with numbers can be used with matrices. You are use to manipulating numbers. Now you can manipulate matrices with the same ease. Or will be able to when the matrix functions are integrated with the command line calculator. The basics are there. It's a start.

I did a Google search on use of matrices


They are used everywhere.

One good, basic example from that search was


The mod inverse function (or will be mod( 1/x, m), where x is a matrix, and m is the modulo) is an amazing function, totally under utilized. If you can get your head away for its use in cryptology, its many uses have not been dream of yet. (Or I haven't seen, heard about it.)

Edit: Removed A3LRichEdit.au3 No longer needed.

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