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Fun with StringRegExpReplace

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I'm trying to edit a config file with this syntax:

# General Parameters

info_txt =

info_url =

language = de

sp_mode = ASCII

hp_jetadmin = off

thinprint_port = 4000

job_rcvtmout = 0

eth_conf = 0

# Printer Port Parameters

pp1_pjl = off

pp1_panel = on

pp1_rdzv_name =

pp1_apple_ptype =

# TCP/IP Parameters

tcpip = on

ip_addr =

ip_mask =

ip_gate =

Reading the settings with StringRegExp is no problem, however, the fun begins when I try to modify settings. The reason is simple, since I'm using back-referencing, when the $Value variable is a number, that changes the reference obviously. Is there any way to mask the content of the variable so it doesn't break the reference?

Func _Set(ByRef $Config, $Setting, $Value)
             Local $RegEx = "(\n" & $Setting & ")(\s*?=\s{1})([[:print:]]*?)(\n)"
             $Config = StringRegExpReplace($Config,$RegEx,"\1\2" & $Value & "\4")
        ;~   If @error then ConsoleWrite("@error: " & @error & @CRLF)
        ;~   If @extended then ConsoleWrite("@extended: " & @extended & @CRLF)
         EndFunc  ;==>_Set

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Func _Set(ByRef $Config, $Setting, $Value)
             Local $RegEx = "(\n" & $Setting & ")(\h*=\h{1})([[:print:]]+)?(\r)"
             $Config = StringRegExpReplace($Config,$RegEx,"${1}${2}" & $Value & "${4}")
       ;~    If @error then ConsoleWrite("@error: " & @error & @CRLF)
       ;~    If @extended then ConsoleWrite("@extended: " & @extended & @CRLF)
         EndFunc ;==>_Set

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