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Exception Handling In _IEBodyReadText

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I've been playing around with the IE.au3 functions in an attempt to learn how to use AutoIT to script some webpage navigation. I've written a rudimentary FSM that checks to see what state the webpage is in by calling _IEBodyReadText() at the start of an infinite loop. It then uses StringInStr() to search for unique identifiers in the text returned from _IEBodyReadText(). Everything works perfectly, with one minor error...

If the IE browser is currently changing pages when I call _IEBodyReadText() the script aborts. The function doesn't return with the @error flag set, it just terminates my script.

I'm relatively new to AutoIT, so I'm wondering if this is a matter of an exception being tossed in _IEBodyReadText() because the browser doesn't have a body when the function is called? If so, is there any way in AutoIT to catch this exception to prevent the entire script from terminating?

As far as why this is coming up, I'm attempting to script the usage of a website that does searching in a database of somesort somewhere that I don't have access. All I can use is the website front-end. You submit data on the first page and then it goes to a second page that is just a 'loading' screen. After somewhere between 3 seconds to a minute the 'loading' screen disappears and a page with the results comes up. My script loops while it's on the loading page, sleeping for 500ms if it's still on the loading page. The problem arises when the script calls _IEBodyReadText() as the webpage is in transition from the loading page to the results page. As a jury-rigged fix I can have it sleep for a minute each time to guarantee it's never called while the weboage is in transition but that will really slow things down.

Any advice on how to stop the script from just terminating in the _IEBodyReadText() function?

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If it helps, the output window in AutoIT has the following output when the script teminates...

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include\IE.au3 (2143) : ==> Variable must be of type "Object".:

Return $o_object.document.body.innerText

Return $o_object.document.body^ ERROR

->20:50:02 AutoIT3.exe ended.rc:1

+>20:50:03 AutoIt3Wrapper Finished

>Exit code: 1 Time: 40.844

Looking into the IE.au3 file I see that it tests to see if the object passed in is actually an object, and it tests to see if the object passed in is actually a browserdom, but it never checks to see if the browser object has a document or if that document has a body.

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