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How can I retrive the output of /ErrorStdOut?

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From AutoIT help:


Form2: Compiled.exe [/ErrorStdOut] [params ...]

Execute an compiled AutoIt3 Script File produced with Aut2Exe


I try with:

$foo = Run("test.exe /ErrorStdOut")

$return =""

While 1

$return &= StdoutRead($foo)

If @error Then ExitLoop



But the return is blank :D

the code test.exe is simple:


for generate and error

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/ErrorStdOut is suitable for the script to pass STDIO to another process like to a editor like Scite. Scite will accept the STDIO and show it in the output pane.

What you can use for your example is the STDIO flag in Run(). StdoutRead() will then capture any ConsoleWrite() usage and display it in your message box.


Test.exe contains

ConsoleWrite("Hello World" & @CRLF)

and thew result tested is



Hello World




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