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Shellexecute and exitcode question

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I am trying to use the ShellExecuteWait function, and the example from the helpfile shown below works well and returns a meesage box stating the exit code of zero

$val = ShellExecuteWait("Notepad.exe")

; script waits until Notepad closes
MsgBox(0, "Program returned with exit code:", $val)oÝ÷ Øz0z÷«-ëwöƲ¶­¶W°jÉèµú.Ö¬²0·¥£®¶­sbb33c·fÂÒ6VÆÄWV7WFUvBgV÷C´æ÷FWBæVRgV÷C² £²67&BvG2VçFÂæ÷FWB6Æ÷6W0¤×6t&÷ÂgV÷Cµ&öw&Ò&WGW&æVBvFWB6öFS¢gV÷C²Âb33c·fÂ

All I get is a normal windows error, but no exit code. (See attached pic)

The reason I need this exit code for no file found is that with the current app I am writing, I need to write meaningful messages to the event viewer...so in this case a "file not found" won't give me a exit code, but only a gui message

How could I rectify this?



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All I get is a normal windows error, but no exit code.

You need a file to run to get an exitcode from it. As weaponx shows, @error can silently pick up the error instead of the msgbox if RunErrorsFatal Opt is set off (apparently latest beta has it off as default).
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