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Limit the number of characters in a GUI Input

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create the input... get it's $HWND and

Global $EM_LIMITTEXT = 0xF0C5

EDIT: oh, wait... There is probably a GUISendMsg() equivilent...




Uh...Larry sorry for the ignorance...But how do I get the Window handle of a GUI input box?

Not sure how to go about this

My code for the two input boxes I want to limit the amount of characters for are as follows:

GLOBAL $TIME1 = GUICtrlCreateInput ("", 65, 500 , 80, 20,0x2000)
GUICtrlCreateLabel ("To:", 150,500,20,20,)
GLOBAL $TIME2 = GUICtrlCreateInput ("",175,500, 80, 20,0x2000)
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