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Stopping a process for ONE user only

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Hey fellow AutoIt scripters!


I need a way to stop a process for a certain user, without affecting other users' processes.

For example:

On the terminal server are 5 people logged in, all working in the same application. That application has 5 processes running, one for each user.

I need a way to remotely close just this process, without shutting out other users.

When I use ProcessClose("application.exe") it picks the first one in the list.

Is there any way to filter out the user?


Another thing:

As administrator, I know the administrator credentials on this TS. Is there a way to allow a script, executed from a quite limited user account on the same terminal server, to change some folder permissions and group policy stuff, if I somehow give the script my administrator credentials?

One of the scripts I use on the logged in accounts needs to drop and change some stuff periodically in a folder with restricted acces, and I don't want to allow the users into that folder by any other means than by activating the script.

Thanks in advance!

O.K. de Wit.

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