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2nd Question upon the option decompile


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IMHO decompile was a cool solution. The capability to protect against illegitime decompilation by using a password was great.

I've asked that question before. One answer before the thread was closed, stating that there is no offical decompiler. This sounds to me as if there IS a decompiler, but just available to the dev. team?

Well, I can imagine the purpose is to meet the interests of antivirus companies to get at the code in case some stupid %&§~ abused autoit to code malicious stuff.

:) If so, what woud you think about this approach: ;)

- reintroduce the decompiler

- allow the use of a password to protect against everbody decompilation

- use a second, very strong password in addition to allow the dev. team to decompile any autoit3 exe.

:( This way everybody's needs will be met, don't they? :cheer:

By this removed "allow decompilation with password" option I already lost hours of my time: I use the same password for all my programs and as decompilation was no problem before I don't keep the code, just the EXE. :D (not now any more, but for some smaller projects)...

So I think it's not unpolite to ask for the background why this option was removed?

Regards, Rudi.

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Use a good Versioning system to save your source (SVN/CVS) and regular backups for contingency. Simple, fast and reliable. :)

Decompiler option is a no no and to my humble opinion never should have been there in the first place.

The reason that it was removed again is simple: The decompiler was used to crack scripts.

I am closing this thread as well because we don't want to see any lengthy discussion on this subject on these forums.

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Just to offer a simple solution so everyone quits getting out of line with this question... You can create your own decompile method simple.

At the top of your script, just use FileInstall() to act as your decompiler, when you pass your password via the command line, and it's correct, then allow the script to be installed in the destination you choose.


If $CMDLINE[0] Then
    If $CMDLINE[1] == "MYPASSWORD" Then
        FileInstall("ThisSCript.au3", @ScriptDir & "\DecompiledScript.au3")

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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