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hotkeyset virtual-key codes?

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I'd like to set a hotkey to the "F13-F24" function keys... The reason why is that I have an MX518 that I'd like to map some of it's buttons to special functions, but I can really only get it to execute key sequences. F13 and on are good for this because they are not used elsewhere (typically).

I could obviously use _IsPressed, but I'd much prefer hotkeyset so that I don't have to have the script polling for a bunch of different keys. Using this msdn article: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/m...540(VS.85).aspx, I've tried the following:

HotKeySet("{F13}", "mouseFunc1")
HotKeySet("{ASC 0x7C}", "mouseFunc1")
HotKeySet("{ASC 124}", "mouseFunc1")
HotKeySet(Asc(124), "mouseFunc1")

to no avail... any thoughts on getting this to work?

Edit: perhaps if not currently possible, this could be added for the F13-F24 range?

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No one has any ideas? Shoot.... guess I'm back to polling _IsPressed...

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